selected recent illustrations

above photos by Maya Myers Photography

2018 Cartier Beverly Hills commissions: illustration for on-site sketching template, custom illustration sign, and on-site custom illustrations at holiday party

Dallas Postcard Front with Smaller Bulbs.jpg

2018 Cartier Dallas commission: holiday postcard

NY postcard front final.jpg

2017 Cartier NYC commissions: holiday postcard, bookmark, menu, and storytelling sign

2017 Cartier Beverly Hills Commissions: holiday postcard and menus

2017 Strategy Muse commission: illustration for company’s Grounding Circle Initiative


2017 Carlyle Hotel NYC commission: all illustrations for 2017 Carlyle Hotel Calendar

illustration selected for 2018 Society of Illustrators’ Annual Juried Exhibition at the Museum of Illustration

2017 Radio Picture Show commission: poster for storytelling show

2017 Cartier commission: menu for Cactus de Cartier launch

2017 Sunset Junction commission: card illustrations for the shop at Cafe Stella