a graphic novel about a woman haunted by her past on a mysterious road trip.

work in progress

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When I'm With You

a mixed media graphic novel about love, New York, and the unreliability and absurdity of memory

artist book in an edition of 70 copies, 6.5" by 8.5", digitally printed pages, silkscreened cover, coptic stitch binding

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the back house: you will stay after everyone else has left

a narrative exploration of time: a short zine about coming to a new place that seems familiar, and "remembering" what will happen there

hand stitched zine, digitally printed

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sleep stage

a wordless zine about different sleep positions between two people - all illustrations are drawn from actual videos of a couple sleeping over the course of several nights

hand stitched zine, digitally printed

collaboration with Megan St.Clair

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Sleep 6A.jpg

sleep stage

a narrative exploration of sleeping next to someone and dreaming; of being so close to another person while being so far away

single artist books, mixed media

collaboration with Megan St.Clair